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Lisa bar soi 6

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Lisa bar soi 6

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It is located half way down the Soi on the right hand side if you are walking from 2nd Road. Next door to Ruby Club.

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Assolutamente meglio non barfinare ma consumate in loco.

I bar di soi 6 sono molto particolari,tutti al chiuso,ma nel dehor potrete trovare decine di ragazze perciascuno,in abiti succinti lisq vi inviteranno a "bere" da loro. However, and has a reasonable reputation as a fun bar, Soi, LARGE AND seeking. The bar can be a bit hit and miss as far as customer service goes.

Le ragazze smettono verso la mezzanotte e all una di notte la via chiude. It nar a single unit bar and hard bar bwr as the girls wear bright uniforms every day; sometimes very elaborate costumes. It should not be confused with the large bar on 2nd Road of the same name.

Questo per chi c era qualche anno fa. Se vi va bevete ed offrite un drink alla vostra preferita,utile ma non obbligatorio oppure fate subito gli scalini e lisa un bel ST. One option is to sit outside at a bar opposite and see how the land is lying over the road.

Our understanding is the two bars are not connected. Veniteci dopo le 16,ora in cui tutti i bar sono a pieno regime,ma ancora abbastanza presto per essere i primi o quasi.

Next door to Ruby Club. Comunque molti bar le hanno migliorate?

It opened in April They also tend to be somewhat on the larger side although that is very much a general observation. It is a lissa hard bar to miss as the girls are in uniform every day and often bxr extravagant costumes and make-up as you see in the photo gallery.

Tanti ladyboy e qualche minorenne. One day the girls seem to be in good moods the next nothing will move them. It is located half way down the Soi on the right hand side if you are walking from 2nd Road.

Sometimes the girls are playful sometimes they just seem to be only interested in themselves or their phones. Although the bar is popular, I do smoke a bit and drink llisa, please. Each to their own after all. Examples of which you can see in the gallery below.