Breakfast Sandwich House Smoked Brisket, Farm Egg, Cheese,
Sesame Potato Bun

There has been a lot of talk about this breakfast sandwich, so naturally we had to go and try it. We sat at the bar and watched a lady make one breakfast sandwich at a time using a portable burner, which was surprising to us. You would expect multiple people at the kitchen would make this sandwich considering its popularity. So at $9, did it impress? It was worth a try and even though it tasted pretty good, it was a little too greasy. They buttered the bread and cooked the egg with butter too. The brisket was more like a pastrami. I would have rather paid a little more if it came with a little side of salad or veggie.

Tail Up Goat


Tail Up Goat recently started a brunch service. It offers 3 courses for $40. Depending on what you choose, it could be a pleasant brunch or one with not much value. I think my husband’s choices were a better value. I felt like for a bit more money, you are better off trying their dinner, which we have had in the past.

Tuna conserva, hard-boiled egg, herb salad, anchovy, candied olive
This dish filled you up but did not give you any joy. The tuna was grey and when I asked what kind of tuna it was, I was told a yellowfin. The jar of yellowfin I buy from Wegmans tastes better! The candid olive was great though. I feel like it needed a little acidity to freshen up the dish.

Ricotta “pancake,” ground cherry syrup, candied hazelnuts, mint
It was a nice little pancake but it should have been a little bigger, portion wise.

Sweet potato biscuit, mortadella, taleggio fonduta, radicchio
This is where the value dived!! The sweet potato biscuit was moist but the tiny slice of mortadella could not possibly satisfy anybody. The marinated radicchio was the highlight.

Grilled mahi mahi, ravigote, crispy potatoes
The best dish of the brunch. Good portion of mahi cooked perfectly with a delicious smoky flavor. The crispy potatoes were a perfect partner to the fish.

Ginger sorbet, apple, rosemary, pine nut halva
I really enjoyed the very lemony sorbet. The crisp apple slices provided a textural contrast. Pine nut halva was great.

Custard, balsamic, honey, olive oil
My husband loved his dessert. It was very good but I prefer my choice.

Amoo’s Restaurant


Laboo Fire roasted beets | pomegranate basil sauce | crumbled goat feta
The beets were warm but there were very few pomegranates in the sauce and I did not taste any basil. It also could have used more than the 1 tsp of goat feta to make it a more balanced salad or appetizer.

Kabob Torsh Lamb loin filet | pomegranate | saffron
This kabob used to be my favorite and had a sweet/sour taste, but this time it tasted just sweet and the meat was overcooked. Basically a waste of $25.

Tahdig with Koofteh
Tahdig is a crispy rice and koofteh was a Meatball made of ground beef tenderloin, lentils and mixed herbs. At $15, a total waste of money. Usually the crispy rice is one or two big pieces but in this case, it tasted like they collected all the day before leftovers and added koofteh on the top of it. The koofteh was good but salty.

Esther’s Kitchen



My brother has been talking about Esther’s Kitchen for a while now. While in Las Vegas for a very short trip, we stopped here for lunch. The food we tried was good but their system for lunch was confusing. I made the reservation through Open Table. Nobody cared to check us in and we were seated after ordering at the bar! After food was delivered, at no time they checked on us, thus I think I over tipped!

polpette/ tomato sugo/ basil ricotta/ toasted sourdough
At $9 you can’t beat this dish. It was highly recommended by my family and I can say that it was worth the hype. Two delicious meatballs with a charred sourdough toast.

roasted cauliflower/ quinoa/ kale/ pecorino/ pickled raisins
My vegan niece was going to skip lunch but we ordered her this salad and she managed to finish it up. I guess she liked it.

chopped salad/ all the things/ olive brine vinaigrette
This reminded me of Nancy’s salad at Mozza in CA. It was a good Italian chopped salad of tomatoes, radicchio and salami.

tomato/ greek sausage + salumi/ fennel/ charred peppers/ orange
My father, the pizza lover, ordered this. I took a tiny slice and found it good. The crust was a little dense for my liking.

meatball/ provolone + basil ricotta/ bianco pomodoro/ parsley
My husband and brother both ordered this and they enjoyed it. They said it was a lot of food.

roasted porchetta/ cracklins/ spicy rabe/ pickled chilis
My mom got this and enjoyed it. I took a bite of the porchetta and found it good but not the best. It was a little dry.

Rosallie “Le French Cafe”


It was a well-balanced mocha and not too sweet.

Apple Turnover
The pastry was buttery but the apples had an apple sauce texture!

Pain au Chocolat
I asked if the chocolate was dark and I was told it was. Guess what? Once again I was told the wrong information. It was on the sweet side.

Raspberry Almond Croissant
I was fooled by a blogger’s love of this croissant. At over $5, it was a sugar coma of a croissant and a waste of money.

It was a good croissant.

Seylou Bakery and Mill


Apple Confit and Mascarpone with Sable crust
Beyond delicious. Very tasty apple and the crust was really buttery. Mascarpone added even more goodness.

Whole Grain Cake with Chocolate
Loved this new creation. The problem was I needed a few more!

Ganache with Whole Grain Crust
Deep chocolaty goodness.

Onions, Leeks, Roasted Garlic, Roasted Tomatoes and Sunny Egg Slice
It was tasty and had a very crisp crust but at over $7, a bit pricey.




Mushroom Bowl cauliflower, asparagus, arugula, tahina, za’atar
My husband picked this dish. I thought it was good but not as great as some of their other offerings. The mushrooms were mostly cremini with three slices of portabella. There were hardly any asparagus and cauliflower. The base of the bowl was rice and lentils.

Shouk Salad mixed greens, cauliflower, eggplant, cucumber, tomato, peppadew, onion, olives, chickpea, pistachio, tahina vinaigrette with falafel
Very good salad. I could eat it everyday! Plenty of greens with enough of everything else to make it a balanced salad. We added falafel to it which was very good while hot. We got a side of falafel to go and was not the same when we reheated it. It was dense and salty.

Polenta Fries Israeli ketchup
Very good and much better than regular fries. It had an earthy delicious seasoning. The Israeli ketchup was great.