Capogiro Gelato



When we lived in Philly fourteen years ago, we loved going to Capogiro Gelato. Back then they were one of the first to come up with unique gealtti and sorbetti flavors. So, for the old times sake we stopped here to have a little dessert.

Fico D’India (Red), Dark Chocolate
The cactus falvor was very refreshing but the dark chocolate sorbet was a little sweet for us.



I picked for one of our dinners because the critics raved about two of their dishes that appealed to me. As we sat down and looked at the menu, I was disappointed that the two dishes we were interested in were not listed on the menu. One was the choucroute garnie. Of course that dish was listed on their online menu. Maybe they should update their online menu more often, so people won’t get disappointed.
Since we were kind of full from our early brunch at Suraya, we picked three small dishes to share. Service was helpful.

Parsnip Bourride smoked cod, shellfish
We were pleasantly surprised that this dish was a seafood stew or as they called it a soup. They split the dish for us. It was very flavorful. The grilled baguette was hearty and delicious.

Crab & Pumpkin Croquetts sea urchin aioli
This dish sounded better on the paper than it tasted. It did not have much crab probably because it was heavy on the pumpkin. The aioli did not taste like sea urchin either. A total disappointment.

Winter Citrus horseradish yogurt, beets, pistachio
This dish looked pretty and tasted good. There were blood oranges, grapefruits and clementines with raw beets and watermelon radish. It needed more yogurt though to balance the dish.




Suraya is a Lebanese cafe and market in the Fishtown area of Philadelphia. While we ate there, the line of people never stopped at the counter. The food we tried was pretty good. Service was a mix. Some people were more friendly than others. They will start their dinner service soon.

Somebody must love powder sugar!

Lebanese Chai Latte
It was interesting chai with turmeric and orchid powder (sahlab), which tasted similar to rose-water. They used crushed pistachios and rose petals for a visually appealing chai. I liked the mug even more than the latte!

Kouign Amann

Kouign Amann
It was a good buttery kouign amann with a hint of rose-water.

Hummous With Slow Roasted Lamb baharat, cilantro
It was a good dish. The hummus needed a little lemon. The lamb was crisp like a bacon.

Baba Ganoush eggplant, tehina, urfa, pomegranate
It was really a good smoky baba ganoush. pomegranate added crunch and tartness to this delicious dip. Pretty to look also.

I was very happy that the pita was not white. A very good whole wheat pita.

Ful Mudammas tomato, shallot, cilantro, chile
I love fava and really enjoyed this flavorful dip.

The Kettle Black



The Kettle Black was the first stop and first bakery we visited on our weekend visit to Philadelphia. It was located in the Northern Liberty area. Service was friendly.

Pain au Chocolat
It tasted good but it was a little dense. The chocolate was dark.

Kouign Amann
It was good and had cinnamon so it reminded me of a cinnamon bun!

Black Bagel with Cheddar
I am not a bagel person but decided to give this bagel a try. I think it was a charcoal bagel with a little cheddar on the top. It tasted fine but nothing special.

Bad Saint



Bad Saint has been on my list of places to try ever since we moved to the area. The one big problem with this tiny restaurant is, they don’t take reservations. You have to line up more than an hour a head of their opening time. Since it was a milder than usual Sunday in January, I decided to line up early and try their food. The food was good but I don’t know if I want to wait in line for an hour and half again! Prices were moderate and service was very good.

Pasta Sa Sarsang Aligue fettuccine, crab fat, sea urchin
It was a tasty creamy pasta cooked perfectly. The uni was very fresh.

Ginisang Tulya little neck clams, Chinese sausage, annato
My husband picked this dish. It was basically a coconut curry clam soup with spicy Chinese sausage.

Adobong Dilaw cauliflower, kabocha squash, turmeric
We were trying to decide between two dishes. Our waiter picked this dish for us and I am glad he did. It had lots of flavor from coconut milk, coconut vinegar and turmeric. It was really rich and we took some of it home.

Mochi Flour Cake with Citrus
A complimentary dessert. It was a nice ending to our dinner.

Little Pearl



Little Pearl is a casual cafe during the day and wine bar at night-time. It was very crowded the day we visited. Service was helpful.

Hot Chocolate
The hot chocolate was warm and a little sweet for my taste.

Gravlax & Sourdough Cured salmon w/ housemade crème fraîche, capers & dill
I enjoyed this tartine. The cured salmon was tasty and went well with the crusty sourdough.

Smoked Brisket Horseradish, dill pickles & gem lettuce
My husband picked the brisket. Unfortunately it was dry and did not have much flavor. The bread was not that great either. It could have used a more crusty flavorful bread. Horseradish and dill pickles helped to make it more palatable.

Potato Donut
The potato donut was unique and tasted pretty good.

Taco Bamba


Pulpo Al Pastor Marinated & Grilled Octopus, Guacamole, Pineapple & Sesame Slaw
It was really good. The octopus was grilled just right. The pineapple added a little sweetness.

Crispy Crab Tostada Kewpie Mayo, Bambarashi, Citrus, Frisee, Serranos, Lime
My favorite at Taco Bamba. A little spicy though but a very comforting tostada.

Lengua Beef Tongue
My cousin had this taco and she enjoyed it.

Amoo’s Restaurant


When you go on Amoo’s Restaurant website, it mentions that if you download their app, you get $10 off $35. It should clearly say takeout only to prevent any confusion. We had lunch there recently and even though the food was pretty good, the service left a bad taste in our mouth. Our waitress was not friendly at all. She took our order and delivered the food. As we were finishing up, she just left the check on the table without asking if we wanted dessert. I asked her is this our check? She said yes. I said, well, we want ice cream. She walked away and brought us two small scoops of ice cream and rudely placed it in front of us. She acted like she was doing us a favor by waiting on us. When I asked about the discount, she said the discount was offered on the food ordered on their app for a takeout!

Bakhtiari Flattened beef tenderloin wrapped in ground beef & lamb
It was a unique tasty kabob. Thankfully it was not overcooked and tasted pretty good.

Saffron Ice Cream
The ice cream was as good as the last time we had it, but the scoops were smaller for the $7 they charge. Because of our waitress’s odd behavior, I forgot to take a picture.