Chocolaterie Pompadour


Our last stop on the bakery marathon of the day. When we first stopped in the morning, they had a big selection of pastries. Since we already had enough sweets and still had our lunch plans at Daalder, we decided to stop by later in the day. When we arrived after 5 PM, they only had a few pastries left.

Chocolate Mousse
Perfect for chocoholics. Layers of chocolate goodness.

Chocolate Mousse Cake
Once you cut through the chocolate shell, you had chocolate cake, Mousse and cream.

Very good florentine. Almonds, cherries, chocolate and honey.




Our last lunch in Amsterdam. Thanks to Google Maps we went around and around and had to run to the restaurant so we would not miss our last lunch!! Their lunch menu option was either 3 course at € 37.50 or 4 at € 45.00. We went for the 4 course option. Food was pretty good and service was friendly.

Macaron of sushi rice/roasted salmon belly/foie
A nice start to a wonderful lunch.

Very good kombucha.

Bread and Butter
Good crusty bread and nice butter.

North Sea Crab
Very fresh crab.

Seafood Bisque
This was part of the crab dish. It tasted pretty good.

Wagyu Beef with Cherry Cream and Corn
I enjoyed every bite of this luscious marbled beef. The corn was cute and loved the sauce.

Strawberry Rhubarb Meringue with cream Horchata
A lovely dessert to end this wonderful lunch.

We also had an egg course that I forgot to take a picture of. It was an egg with parmesan, mushrooms and sambuca. The second restaurant in a row that had an egg course.

Van Stapele Koekmakerij



Van Stapele Koekmakerij was the third bakery/sweet stop on our last day in Amsterdam. Even before you enter the store the delicious aroma weakend your knees!! The store only sells one type of cookie. Service was friendly.

Valrhona chocolate cookie
It was warm out of the oven. The outside was crisp with the soft white chocolate center. Because of the white chocolate, a little too sweet for me, but worth the try.

Patisserie Kuyt



Ham and Cheese
It was shaped like a pretzel but it was a ham and cheese croissant and it was pretty good.

Chocolate Croissant
Very buttery, flaky and delicious with a dark chocolate center.

Ganache Cake
Very chocolaty and delicious.

Delicious Passion and blueberry bavarois
My husband’s pick. It had a great berry and passion fruit flavor.

This looked so good but I forgot that it had a cream center and did not refrigerated it. So, I did not want to risk getting sick and just cut a little bit of the almond cookie. It tasted great. It had an orange whip cream in the middle.

I don’t know the name but the lady that helped us said it was their national cookie. Speculaas something. It was a little too sweet for me. It had cherries and almonds.




We had a pretty good dinner at Sinne. As we sat down, our waiter told us that we had the table for 90 minutes, which was fine with us. He then told us that we could pick our courses or go with the chef’s choice. We said OK, we can go with the chef’s choice but I would have liked to see the menu anyway.

Crusty Bread

Brown Butter
The most delicious butter. Very nutty.

Papaya Curry Mousse with Peanuts
Very good and flavorful amuse. It had a kick from curry and crunch from peanuts.

Chorizo Taco with Avocado
Cute little tacos.

Mussel with BBQ Leek and curry Sauce
Very fresh briny and plump mussels.

Celeriac bbq celeriac with 63 degrees egg yolk, hazelnut, hollandaise, garlic sauce and truffle
It was an interesting dish. My husband claimed the truffles were not that aromatic. Well, who knows what kind of truffles they used, but our waiter shaved plenty of it to cover the egg like a blanket of a fresh snow.

Veal Tenderloin barbecued tenderloin with crumble of black olives, baharat, bell pepper with veal cheek and gravy
Very nice earthy dish. The veal was cooked perfectly but I enjoyed the veal cheeks even more. It almost tasted like bone marrow!

Cream Cheesecake with Strawberry
A nice pre dessert dish.

White Chocolate, Peach, Meringue, Raspberry
At least I got the dessert that I wanted from the menu that we did not get to see! I checked the menu briefly in the morning. The peach sorbet was very peachy and delicious. Meringue was great. A great end to a nice dinner.

Stedelijk Museum

Günther Förg, Untitled, 1994-95

Sol Lewitt, Complex Form, 1989

Peter Halley, The Extinction of Feeling, 1991

John Chamberlain, C’est What, 1991

Philip Guston, Painting, Smoking, Eating, 1973

Marlene Dumas, The Neighbour, 2005

Ellsworth Kelly, Blue Curve VI, 1982

Frank Stella, Les Indes Galantes, 1966

Andy Warhol, Flowers, 1964-65

George Grosz, Der Agitator, 1928

vincent Van Gogh, Augustine Roulin, 1889

Vincent Van Gogh, Kitchen Gardens on Montmartre, 1887

Pablo Picasso, Seated Woman with Fish Hat, 1942

Pablo Picasso, Nude in Front of a Garden, 1956

Jackson Pollock, The Water Bull, 1946

Yayoi Kusama, Aggregation: One Thousand Boats Show, 1963

Elaine Sturtevant, Raysse High Voltage Painting, 1969
Martial Raysse, Critical Repetition, 1965




Chai Latte
It was delicious and very close to my own chai. It was perfect on a cold rainy day but I had hard time sleeping that night. Maybe too much of a good thing.

Vinnies Omega 3 Breakfast
It was two poached eggs with organic toast, smoked salmon, avocados, roasted cherry tomatoes and smoked mackerel mousse. It was good and hearty.

Vinnies Veggie Breakfast
My husband’s pick. It was less succesful than mine. It came with two poached eggs, avocado, roasted cherry tomatoes, organic bread, baba ghanoush and black bean hummus.




When our plans to go to the Kröller-Müller Museum fell through because of the rain, we took the subway to check out the Albert Cuyp market. Once we got there we realized that the market was closed on Sundays. I wish the guy at our hotel knew that. So, we were lucky that Bbrood bakery was open. We purchased four items and they were all fine considering the random picking of the place.

A little sweet but it was good and flaky.

Cheese Croissant
I liked the cheese better than the plain.

Ham and Cheese Croissant
Interesting style of ham and cheese baked on the top of the croissant with a little mustard underneath the ham.

Seeded bread
It was cheesy seeded bread with green olives.